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BitChute FAQ
« on: March 19, 2018, 06:47:55 pm »
This FAQ will be updated as new information comes to light.

What is BitChute?

BitChute is an anti-censorship/censorship resistant video content delivery network that utilises Peer-to-Peer in the form of WebTorrenting in order to address the otherwise massive infrastructure costs.

What is WebTorrents/WebTorrenting?

WebTorrents are similar to BitTorrenting, except it utilises WebRTC, is usually (but not always) hosted in-browser and is usually (but not always) based on JavaScript.

Essentially, your browser becomes a video seeder (may not work in all browsers). Browsers confirmed to work with this include Brave and Chrome.

How can I help BitChute grow?

There's many ways you can help BitChute, and whatever you can chip in is greatly appreciated! You can:

1) Let your audience know about BitChute and encourage the adoption of BitChute. If you have twitter, you can always retweet BitChute messages from here.

2) Contribute to BitChute financially (methods supported include MakerSupport, BitCoin, Patreon and Paypal), links to all of which can be found on their 'help-us-grow' page, you can also rent a VPN of which some of the money goes to BitChute, they're heavily dependant on donations and financial contributions from the community at the moment.

3) Contribute your processing power to mining cryptocurrency for BitChute, also found on their 'help-us-grow' page at the bottom of the page (be sure to enable it/allow it to run in NoScript, uBlock origin, Ad Block Plus etc).

4) Reseed videos, either trending ones, of your favourite content creators, or whichever you please. Instructions on how to do it from a desktop client (GUI based) can be found in this post here, or in this video I created for it specifically here. Developments are underway to get a command line version working with automatic magnet link extraction.

5) Create new, unique and interesting content for BitChute. The more interesting content there is on BitChute, the more people will want to come here!

6) Put blurbs in your video descriptions encouraging your followers to help reseed yours and even others videos (this helps all involved: the more seeders there are, the faster your videos will load, and the less demand it puts on BitChute's servers).

7) Make how-to videos explaining how to optimise devices/machines/services for WebTorrenting/cryptocurrency mining etc.

8) Post your ideas on how to improve BitChute under 'new features' (be aware not all ideas will be accepted, it's worth pitching regardless).

Cryptocurrency mining doesn't work, what do I do?

If you've got plugins installed, such as NoScript, uBlock Origin, Ad Block Plus etc, you need to give both the site and the cryptocurrency miner provider permissions to run such things on your machine.

Alternatively, if you don't like the idea of enabling cryptominers on your main browser, you can alternatively install a secondary 'blank' browser without any plugins installed whose sole purpose is to just mine cryptocurrency on BitChute (from a CPU usage perspective, if it's standalone, this is the best approach). Browsers known to run the cryptocurrency miner include:

Waterfox (including Waterfox Portable).
Midori (warning: has poor performance).

Alternative browsers (untested/not yet reported as working) include:
Internet Explorer. (It's strongly advised you install a modern browser)
Pale Moon.

How do I change from dark to light theme? (Video site only)

You'll need to be registered to see this option.
Sign into your account.
Click your profile image.
Click settings.
Click the 'interface' tab.
Under 'Theme', change from 'dark' to 'light'.

How do I get in contact with support?

The first port of call should be the forums under 'Report Problems', as the fastest way to get a response is from the forum community.

If the forums do not resolve your issue, then your next port of call should be: support [at]

I'm having an unusual technical problem, what do I do?

Please note all the steps - starting from scratch - that you took in order to (re)create the bug/issue, including high fidelity information (such as things like video codec, size, length, resolution etc, or what specific text box you put XYZ into).

Operating System, Browser, Browser version and what plugins, if any, you have installed, would be useful additional information.

Finally, note what you were trying to do or achieve.

This should offer enough technical information for the BitChute team. More detail, even seemingly 'obvious' details, are better than few or none when it comes to technical troubleshooting, debugging or fixing things.

I've got a great idea! Where do I post it?

You can post all your suggestions under new features, or as a separate video on BitChute with something like 'suggestions for BitChute'. It's advisable to post ideas on the new features forum (or a link back to the video on the new features forum) so it's in one place. Ray won't necessarily reply, but he does seem to read all suggestions.
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