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Thank you
General Discussion / Re: Got a few minutes to listen to Shoe0nHead ?..
« Last post by OxAO on July 15, 2018, 11:40:06 pm »
Oh.. I thought you knew her.   No matter she will figure out the problems with youtube eventually.
To my knowledge, SPKcoin doesn't really exist yet. I can't see any blockchain info or whitepaper on it, at least. So I would assume that it's Monero, since that's what AuthedMine/Coinhive uses.
General Discussion / Re: Rewards and Monetisation
« Last post by OxAO on July 14, 2018, 11:52:32 pm »
Looking into ways to help content creators monetise ?

Hey guys, as a creator on this platform you have been taking part in a pre-mine of our own crypto. In the coming weeks/months this will become clearer. You can also mine directly for us on the help us grow page and these units will be converted to SPKCoin (speak coin) our currency.

In addition we are building other $ based monetization methods. and we will be doing regular updates with news on how that is going.

I'm a bit confused.
When I'm mining for Bitchute we're mining Manero (XMR) (today worth $123) which is what uses which is the site Bitchute is using and then you convert that into SPKCoin (today worth $0.1)?   Or are we mining SPKCoin?

I see we're operating on which suggest we're mining SPKCoin.

Note:   Some sites are now making everyone mine Crypto that isn't using an ad blocker. 

Thank you.

Ok found it.
They're mining a coin called Manero (XMR) it's exchange rate with Bitcoin is 0.019665 to one Bitcoin.
Which means it's value is around $123 US per coin today.    In a couple days I will have a $123 dollars minus the costs of minning services for Bitchute.

It shows it's running on which suggests they're using SPKCoin (SPK)    SpkCoin said they don't have a mining system in operation yet. the system Bitchute is going through says it's using Manero (XMR)      If some reason spkcoin is being mined I spent days on this to get ten cents which one SPKCoin coin is worth about ten cents.


アノニマスの見解  / Anonymous view:
Thank you for your response.  I can't imagine I mined now 0.71670528 coins in a week.    If that is Bitcoin that seems like a lot.

I looked into it there are a few different types of coins for these systems they all take approximately 1600 hours of mining at the default speed(I think) to get one coin.    There is no way I mined +1100 hours in a week.     I don't time how much I turn it on.

It would be interesting to know what I'm collecting for Bitchute.

Edit: Just found an interesting calculator:

If I took a guess I'm mining Ethereum Classic (ETC= $16) which means I might of made about $11 so far.   Note looking at the figures if I was mining Bitcoin I would've made nearly 10X that figure.  The amount of bitcoins I would have received so far would be around Ƀ 0.02855.

Thank you
General Discussion / Re: Verasity - New Blockchain Video Platform
« Last post by mmotes on July 14, 2018, 01:57:57 pm »
Looks like more splinter attempts. The site is either idiots capitalizing on the stupidity and degradation of YouTube, thinking people will flee to anything that is marginally better, or it is merely built by Zionist money to distract and divide.

veracity (n.)
1620s, from French véracité (17c.), from Medieval Latin veracitatem (nominative veracitas) "truthfulness," from Latin verax (genitive veracis) "truthful," from verus "true".

I would use it if it were called Veracity or Veraxity, but using the S (for snake) instead of the C or X (the cross) could be a sigil satanism as Verasity is not a truly rooted word.
General Discussion / Re: This presentation suggests a very troubling question..
« Last post by mmotes on July 14, 2018, 01:51:15 pm »
Is BitChute a honeypot, the name contains an insult, they use a POZ'd comment widget (Disqus), while they collect shekels to build a new one, and some videos seem to buried or don't work except for the POZ'd bot-net promoted news like InfoWars?

Whether the shadowy developers of BitChute are POZ'd or Ashkenazi or Zionist, there are definitely CIA nibbs glowing in the dark laughing about "all the bitches use bitchute."
I see we're at 0.672064 Coins.   When I started it was at 0.000   Is that an accumulative figure based on the Bitchutes account or individually what we've collected?

Also It doesn't say what type of crypto coin this is.

To the best of my knowledge, the counter shows only the amount you have personally mined, which is connected to your account.

Based on the fact that the miner is AuthedMine (which is CoinHive), it's mining Monero. BitChute has stated that they'll credit mining work with their own cryptocurrency in future, if and when they create it.
General Discussion / Re: Got a few minutes to listen to Shoe0nHead ?..
« Last post by bAd on July 14, 2018, 08:32:48 am »
Clever, funny and cute in nice neat package. This is the kind of woman that spells doom for the lunatics trying to run the asylum.

How on earth would someone manage to contact her? She must be inundated with comments and messages.
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