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I don't comment much or often, but I had noticed recently that there was no more activity in my notifications panel. Typically I have a few upvotes, occasionally a reply, that gives me at least one or two notifications a day. I've had absolutely nothing for the past week. It does give the impression that what little presence I had went dark all of sudden.
General Discussion / MEGA / MAGA and beyond..
« Last post by bAd on Today at 05:42:30 am »
The so-called Patriot Act has got to be one of the most frightening developments of modern times. It means anybody can be plucked from anywhere in the world and they can be imprisoned indefinately without legal representation merely on the suspicion of knowing someone who may in some way be connected to terrorism.

Presuming the special relationship between America and England is indeed special both countries could be of huge use to each other and the rest of the world. The Bank of England and the Federal Exchange Bank of America have similar financial situations that mean neither nation is truly capitalist but instead are under plutocratic luciferan control.

President Trump and Prime Minister May could theoretically use a combination of the special relationship and the Patriot Act to encourage the globalists who are responsible for it's creation to release their financial stranglehold on both countries.

Instead of using the Patriot Act against those at the bottom of the social pyramid as the evil ones had intended it could be employed from the top down against those responsible for it's creation.

The family of nations involved in the Euro Project were assured that an undemocratic federal super state was not on the agenda so presumably many people of all kinds and countries are not at all happy about this twisted deception.

With the diplomatic and media connections on both sides of the atlantic Europeans and Americans could assist in correcting that undemocratic agenda and so force them to see a sense in this world they have no intentions of ever letting anyone see. A free and truly democratic Union of Sovereign States of Europe.

It seems as though the Euro elite's are planning to force a hard or very difficult brexit scenario to make an example of Britain and to implicitly blackmail the other nations into submission to the obviously totalitarian intentions regarding the Euro Project if not the rest of the world.

Exceptional circumstances call for exceptional measures. President Trump could pass an executive order to drain the House and Senate of all swamp creatures and fill their places with the relatives of those that were murdered by the luciferan globalists on 11th of September 2001 and turn Israel over to the peace loving Jews who could easily bring a diplomatic end to these unholy wars.

The various military resources of both allies and other war weary nations and people could be put on standby to prevent any attempt to implement the Samson option should the power polluted lunatics who are trying to bring about Armageddon in Israel decide to throw their toys from their prams.

Disqus posts that vanished 2 days ago, just now appeared.

Disqus is as glitchy as fuck!

I still don't trust Disqus, fuck Disqus!

So you had comments disappear as well but they have reappeared now?  I posted in another thread that this has happened to me but my comments haven't reappeared.  I don't think it has anything to do with random programming problems at Disqus, it's almost definitely being done on purpose.  Remember that Disqus used to host InfoWars comments but deplatformed them along with the other big tech thought police bullies.
Report Problems / Re: Disqus is not posting my comments anymore
« Last post by dastrev on Today at 03:46:48 am »
Nobody else has had this happen?  Very strange.
New Features / Re: Increase Hashtag Limit
« Last post by kgluong on Today at 02:35:48 am »
Currently hashtag is the most effective way search on bitchute right now. I'm redoing all my hashtag to make it easier for viewers to get the entire series. I want more hashtags to cross reference to different gaming series in my channel. 

I'm using unique names on all three hashtags, ie kgl<name>. Due to only three limits it is a waste to use it in a general nature.
Disqus posts that vanished 2 days ago, just now appeared.

Disqus is as glitchy as fuck!

I still don't trust Disqus, fuck Disqus!
Report Problems / Re: YouTube Link Problem (Won't Copy From YouTube) MEGATHREAD
« Last post by radiostorm on November 13, 2018, 10:33:30 pm »
I had a short one auto copy about 2 weeks ago, before that I haven't seen it work in months.  Seems to be random.  They really need a "scan youtube" button on your channel admin so you can force a scan.
Report Problems / Re: Terrible video quality
« Last post by radiostorm on November 13, 2018, 10:22:52 pm »
They do use extreme compression which doesn't bother me.  I really would like some insight from the bitchute team on what settings you can author videos in to keep them from being transcoded.  I would prefer my audio track not be messed with since that wrecks the quality.
Report Problems / Re: Auto upload isn't working
« Last post by radiostorm on November 13, 2018, 10:18:36 pm »
Works randomly for me too, had one from about 2 weeks ago that magically appeared, before that it hasn't worked in weeks.

If it helps, the one video that auto copied had no copyright claims.  Since I upload records 99% of my videos are marked as copyright by YT (but not blocked anywhere).
New Features / Re: Freedom of speech is great, but,
« Last post by Susan Wojcicki on November 13, 2018, 05:06:03 pm »
I think you people are completely missing the point...
If you ever owned a modern TV it allows you to block channels.
Are you censoring CNN because you block that channel on your TV or TV tuner?
It just means that channel doesn't appear as you surf the channels.
Giving an individual control over what they see is not the same as controlling what they see. 
What the OP wants is individual control over the content that is being displayed using their bandwidth that they paid for.
I think it shouldn't be a full out block however. If you don't want to see someone's video game channel popping up, blocking it shouldn't block them from seeing and commenting own your own uploads. Maybe make a HIDE feature which just hides their content as you scroll through and reserve blocking for aholes.
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