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General Discussion / Re: One simple question..
« Last post by The_Underdog on Today at 03:51:10 am »
There's definitely an air of unease, as people are afraid of what their peers will think, what reactions they'll trigger. To be bold, one has to not fear pain or death, and in a way, atheism has indoctrinated people that what they have here is final, if you die it's game over, and therefore, the 'best' way to survive is, of course, to conform to group herd, safety in numbers.

I think some movies have touched upon this topic indirectly, suggesting "there are levels of survival we are willing to accept" (The Matrix Reloaded), however a lot of other films refute this by showing what 'conformist survival' actually looks like: a boring drudgery monopoly where you never get to say anything, Fight Club touched upon this (you could argue the entire film was about manhood).

They've struck out their arguments, and people prefer not to rock the boat. Informing them is an exercise in redundancy, because they'll know the truth, they just won't rock the boat. I use a different approach, I do things however I do them until somebody asks me why, then I explain. The rock the boat mentality swings both ways - it's possible to do things for the other side without being challenged too.

I've yet to have anyone ask me why I wrap my mobile in tin foil and have to reconstruct it every time I want to use it, the closest anyone got to asking was 'why didn't I have a smartphone?', I mentioned smartphones were horribly insecure, someone else who also didn't have a smartphone agreed and there were no further questions on that topic. If it was me, I would have immediately asked about the tin foil.

I think the main issue here is people need to regain a sense of bravery and learn how to say 'no'. Everything you encounter in life is designed to contradict the saying of 'no' or the exertion of your opinions. When a teacher asks a question, you have to wait until they choose for you to answer (remain silent until someone wants you to speak), if you refuse any assignments you're punished. When at work, what the manager says is final, contradict what they say and you get fired. Speak out on a political platform and this time the platform censors you, or the police.

Everywhere you turn, a system that erodes your own sense of independence, self-worth and self-authority has been setup to take that power away from you. School is mandatory, parents are forced to stick their children into a system that can't even teach the basics but teaches conformity (why is it the most successful people are the ones who drop out of school? Alan Sugar owns HSBC and he dropped out. If you stay in school and are smart, all you become is 'just another scientist').

The conformity even extends to bullying. See, the teachers are forced to allow bullies to beat up children, and aren't allowed to expel them lest violent little Timmy's education be hurt (what about everyone else's education?), so the ones bullied are made further conformant to the bullies as well as the teachers. Sucking up to authority is encouraged lest you get punished, one way or another.

I subvert this system differently, and it's always by my absence. And surprisingly, it's a niche that no-one can manouver in. As a child, the failures of the system, I simply made myself absent from school. Teachers can't expel anyone, they can't punish anyone, being absent meant bullies couldn't harm you, and because the child is the one making the decision, the parents aren't responsible. I didn't explicitly 'drop out' but I didn't 'stay in' either. The system was unable to make a move because any move nullified it's argument (if it expelled me or attacked me, then it was stating it COULD go after bullies, but didn't. If it attacked my parents, it would have punished their compliance to get me into school. And if it solved the issues for why I had left, then it ultimately capitulated to my demands. Ultimately... it capitulated to my demands. Having children absent loses schools money, as any bullied child should know.)

In the current day, I apply the same practices with work, with extreme effectiveness. If someone hires me and tries to treat me like trash, I immediately quit. Legally you're supposed to work your notice, but legally, I'm not supposed to be treated like trash, so an employer cannot make a move against that without exposing themselves. I work hard at every job (I don't believe in setting a bad example), but I do believe you should never tolerate people's crap and simply leave.

You'll be surprised how quickly employers change their tune. If they don't change their tune, you often end up in a job where they do. When I did cleaning, I was probably the only cleaner who managed to negotiate that everyone working there get an extra 15 minutes of paid working time. In a time when people try to cut off hours or reduce paid working time.

How the people handled the Kapp Putsch should be the role model for society. In German, a violent military uprising occurred, but the Germans were unified. They stopped working. Within 3 days, the Putsch was defeated literally because no-one was willing to cooperate. No bloodshed, no violence, just absent a workforce it became useless.

People's greatest power is their literal ability to do nothing.

And it amplifies the more people who get involved.

Think how strikes work.
Report Problems / Re: Broken torrents
« Last post by AnarchistMetalhead on Today at 03:45:00 am »
Ah, definitely sounds like a bug.

Be sure to provide the usual technical specs - OS, browser, plugins, if applicable, which videos (if you're willing to disclose this) you've encountered the issue with, as it'll help their technical team track down the issue (especially if they can replicate the results).

If you haven't got any specific example videos, wait until it happens again and then post the link here.
videos as linked in the initial post

Linux Mint 18
issue is present on Chromium and WebTorrent client
New Features / Re: Time to start translating the site!
« Last post by TJ Studio on March 23, 2018, 11:53:56 pm »
Hmm... before Vidme's shut down. There was a storm of German users coming to the platform! So I think this BitChute translation might be a good idea!
New Features / Re: Social Media / Announcement Feed
« Last post by SuperMlem on March 23, 2018, 11:35:05 pm »
BitChute needs to create a community, I'd like to see BitChute form a partnership with alternate social media like GAB.
New Features / Hover over scroll through playback on icons
« Last post by SuperMlem on March 23, 2018, 11:29:23 pm »
YouTube kind of has this but its totally pointless because it only plays like 2 seconds of the very beginning of the video, so its like, thanks I get to watch part of the videos intro. The feature is supposed to give you an idea of whats in the video by scanning through it with a rapid preview of beginning to end. A static thumbnail just doesn't convey enough about the content of the video.
General Discussion / BitChute needs some changes
« Last post by SuperMlem on March 23, 2018, 11:10:57 pm »
First I think that for this platform to have any success in pulling viewers away from the competition, it has to have videos FOUND on those platforms. When you go to YouTube you're watching entertainment, game reviews, movie reviews, DIY videos, Science experiments, comedy skits, commentary, lets plays, tech reviews, how-to's, basically everything. When I load up BitChute, the only thing I see is a random assortment of low resolution political or conspiracy commentary from dudes in dim lighting with bad microphones. Just because people came to BitChute because they were politically censored, doesn't mean they have to become political commentators here. I'd urge a more expanded effort to fill up the site with an assortment of entertainment videos and new exclusive series. Ideologies flourish through comedy and entertainment, so you aren't giving up BitChute to leftism by dropping the volume of political posturing.

Second I think the name is holding it back. I know they unfortunately tried to change the name and reversed the decision, but BitChute doesn't convey the catchy media sharing intention of the website. For starters when your grandma is typing it in, the first thing she will type is "bitch", not a good look, especially when its in all lower case you could mistake it for bitch-ute which makes it sound like a sketchy german porn site. I like the "bit" part, its something we all understand as tech terminology, but "chute" I do not think is catchy nor works appropriately with "bit"

"BitStream" - "BitShare" perhaps. Or go with a completely made up name thats short and easily turned into verbiage and a logo. Just my thoughts, I'd like to see YouTube fail along with Facebook and Twitter and startups to catch fire.
General Discussion / Re: One simple question..
« Last post by bAd on March 23, 2018, 10:37:05 pm »
I'm not sure there's enough people drinking. It isn't the drunks that are messing things up. The Ireland I once knew has been slowly eroded from the inside out. Pubs are increasingly places where anything beyond banter or sanctioned safe speak is met with a subtle but noticable vibe of discomfort.

When going out you must inreasingly go as a group, if you just get an instinct to have a buzz and see what happens your often refused entry. Not all places are like this but the number is growing steadily.

Some places will literally throw you out for approaching a woman and saying hallo and asking how things are going. There's a subtle but oppressive sense of watch what you say, who you say it to and how you say it. Talk only about non-serious matters of little consequence.

Myself and a buddy went out one night to a popular rockers bar. We had a pint or two and he started chatting to some people. I started chatting to a couple of young women by my side and one of the first things I was asked was were myself and my buddy homo-sexuals? I had one of those wtf moments, said how weird that question was and backed off quickly. They came to me later in the evening and were embarrassed and actually apologized.

So they were not deliberately trying to be anti-social because they wouldn't have been embarrassed or so genuine as to offer an apology if they were. I seriously think the social psyche has been messed with from the top down and the inside out, starting with females.

Hearing about Jordan Peterson and others being pushed to use non-hetro pronouns and many other voices saying similar things, including your Raging Golden Eagle recommendation, the conclusion I'm facing is that this IS a blue pill conspiracy. Lesbian / Luciferin to top tiers in the know ..and about equality and diversity to the na´ve.

Try listening to a good man called Ronald Bernard he was a Dutch banker but it's subtitled. Look at this man and listen to what he has to say and tell me he was not telling us the truth. I dare anyone to do that.

Another man who was speaking from the heart and trying to tell us something was Aaron Russo. He did some interesting YT videos, in one he says something he heard straight from Rockefeller himself. Feminism was started by himself and his not-so new NWO cronies. I bet their wifes have theirs hands up their asses and are using them like a puppets.

Fabian society, Jesuits, Opus Dei, Free Masons, Rosicrucians all are subject to secret oaths that govern their free will to speak and act in a naturally male way. The true mark of a man is not only courage but also frankness.

Gloria Steinham who was a leading feminist and ran Ms.Magazine was known to have been funded by the CIA decades ago. How many other publishing houses are using the same practices? Facebook, Twitter, Google and YTube. At which point does society stop and just recognize this for what it is? Men are digging our own graves and selling out our childrens future freedoms if we don't break the spell of silence. We need to Red Pill all we can.

To borrow some of your own words, so-called 'journalistic integrity' needs to be turned around. All across the western world organisations are indeed trying to force through student indoctrination programs. In university administrations and even in some kindergartens children whose cognitive reasoning abilities and ability to think critically has not yet had a chance to develop are being targeted with gender-bending agendas.

We must break the spell or suffer the inevitable.. let's hope the faith in Patriotism or in Trump is well placed.

Local computer and mobile repair shops could be paired with Linux videos. One issue, if content with global reach is to be paired up with local advertisers. It means the viewer revealing their location. Unless local ads are only for location specific content.

I wouldn't like adverts from Black Water, Monsanto or GCHQ.
New Features / Re: Creating more than one channel under one account.
« Last post by darkcity on March 23, 2018, 09:52:59 pm »
Someone on reddit has successfully made two channels.
New Features / Re: Advertising options and tools - Local and Global
« Last post by The Garden on March 23, 2018, 09:50:05 pm »
I realize the need for BitChute to make money and I think it is great that you are considering this. I believe that in order to grow as a platform, you will need to make it appealing for content providers to make money and for the site to sustain itself.

I think that the downfall of youtube was that content providers were so far removed from the selection of advertisers. So large advertisers were able to throw their gauntlet down and force Google to hire censorship police to get rid of everything they disagreed with. This was possible because essentially all advertising was put through Google.

If an advertiser truly does not like a product, they should be able to ban an individual channel on their own. BitChute should have little involvement in this (other than the technical aspect of providing the mechanism of this implementation). Also, channels should be able to recruit an advertiser that might feel uncomfortable as a general sponsor of BitChute, but wants to be a specific sponsor of a channel.

What I would propose is that you make advertising more organic. Have a page where an advertiser could sign up to advertise on a particular channel, but also give them the option to generically advertise on a broader platform. Then give the channel some benefit for the signup.

This would solve four problems that creators on youtube face.
  • Advertisers would be responsible for filtering their own market.
  • Content creators would directly benefit from helping BitChute find advertising revenue.
  • No channel could be blanket censored because they could always find individual companies to support their cause.
  • There would be an infrastructure in place for small time content creators to monetize "official sponsors" without having to use backchannel methods.

Excellent ideas and point
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